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Where to get inspiration for your new WordPress website design

We all need inspiration sometimes, and if you are starting on a new WordPress website design project for your business, for a web design client, or even just building a landing page for your sales funnel, it doesn’t hurt to take some time to get inspired. This is absolutely to get ideas on what might work for you and let’s be honest if it is your own website, it can be the hardest one to design for. Getting inspiration can also help you to stay on the pulse of what the current trends are, and more importantly, which of those trends actually provides something of value to your WordPress website design project. So, here are the different places I go to for inspiration!

WordPress Site Builder Plugins

The developers behind these plugins want you to use their site builder, so many of them publish their own templates and feature examples of what other people have been creating with WordPress and their site builder. This is a great place to start, especially if you are using their site builder because it will give you an idea of what is achievable.

Elementor gets the first mention because it is my favourite WordPress site builder and the team there publish a regular blog ‘showcase‘ of WordPress websites built using their site builder that I also find a great place to get ideas! You can also find many templates in their template library, either directly within your Elementor install, or here.

Beaver Builder is another WordPress Site Builder, and while they don’t specifically have a showcase, their template library is another excellent source of inspiration.

Divi, a blend between WordPress theme and plugin, includes an extensive site builder, and on their website, you can find fantastic layouts and a customer showcase to inspire your next WordPress website design project!

Theme Marketplaces

I quite like marketplaces, because you can drill down on industries. So if you are looking for inspiration for a construction website, there are themes there already. Theme marketplaces also often incorporate themes or designs for other platforms, giving you a wider range of ideas than you might get from focusing solely on WordPress themes. Just because a design is built on another platform doesn’t mean it can’t inspire your WordPress design project!

One of the top marketplaces for WordPress themes is Themeforest, and to be honest, I don’t really look at any others anymore. They just have so much that I’m usually well and truly inspired without the need to go elsewhere!

Web Design Blogs

Web design blogs can be a great source of inspiration and can also provide a lot of hints and tips to improve your website design, whether you are building it yourself, or trying to explain what you want to a designer.

Many of these blogs are not WordPress specific, but they typically do contain plenty of WordPress design-related content and lots of other ideas to help get you thinking outside the box. My favourites include Webdesigner Depot, Smashing Magazine, and Web Design Ledger.

There are quite literally thousands of others out there with many focused on specific niches, so you are bound to find inspiration.

Social Networks

There are social networks specifically for designers, like Behance and Dribbble. They are absolutely chock full of cool designs. Keep in mind you may need to filter by web design and any other criteria of particular interest to you.

You can also find web design inspiration on more mainstream social networks, like Pinterest. Just do a search for “web design inspiration” or “web design trends” and you are away! Again, these are not WordPress specific, but you never know what gems you might find!


Google is of course always full of ideas. No matter what you are trying to come up with, someone has likely already done it before or created a curated list of sites that do what you are looking for. So with some careful searching, you just might find the inspiration you need.

Other thoughts

Don’t forget to think about mobile. Pull up ones you like on your phone, or use the dev tools available in most desktop browsers to view the mobile version of a site. That can give you a great idea of how well different ideas do (or don’t) work for mobile users. I personally find that some mobile sites give me great ideas for desktop users too, so it’s always worth checking.

What about you?

I hope this list of places to look for inspiration on your new WordPress website design project is helpful. Are any of these places at the top of your list for ideas? Is there somewhere else you go to when you want to see the latest trends? Let me know your top tips for WordPress web design inspiration in the comments below!

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