BionicWP Discount Coupon Code – $50 Credit

Our BionicWP discount coupon code gets you an instant USD $50 credit on your account to use towards any BionicWP services, on top of the free trial you can get by signing up here. This means you can get your site set up with the free trial and then get it live with the $50 credit, or use it towards trying out extra services like the NitroPack performance optimisation add-on or site updates.

Ready to try out BionicWP?

Click here to sign up and then use our coupon code TERRAMEDIA50 when you sign up to get your instant $50 account credit on top of the standard free trial.

How to use your $50 credit at BionicWP?

First up, to use your $50 BionicWP discount coupon you need to visit the BionicWP website by clicking the activation button below:

BionicWP Start Free Trial Button

You will see the “Start Free Trial” button in the menu. Click on the button that says “Start Free Trial” and you will see the screen below:

BionicWP Sign Up Screen

Fill in in the First Name, Last Name, Email and Password fields and then choose the appropriate option under “I would describe myself as”. Now, make sure to click on “Have a promo code ?” to show the BionicWP promo code field and type in our exclusive coupon code for BionicWP: TERRAMEDIA50

Your completed sign up page should look something like this:

BionicWP Sign Up Form Completed

Now click the navy blue “Get Started” button to finalise your signup for the BionicWP free trial with your additional USD $50 BionicWP account credit.

From here, $50 will go straight into your account wallet. You will be able to deploy a trial server to test out the platform, and when you are ready to launch, your $50 BionicWP credit will kick in and cover your first $50 of WordPress hosting expenses.

What is BionicWP?

BionicWP is an all-inclusive managed WordPress host that brings together the power of cloud hosting on the Google Cloud with a CDN and managed services that go all the way to even helping you with simple edits and updates. Recently, BionicWP has also launched on Linode to provide access to more locations.

BionicWP is a reasonably new web host, founded in 2020, that bills itself as “the only truly managed WordPress platform for freelancers, businesses, agencies, and super-heroes” that combines managed updates, security, backups, and speed optimization together.

These things are essential to modern search engine optimisation requirements and defending against increasingly sophisticated malware and malicious actors.

Is BionicWP right for you?

While BionicWP is targeting “freelancers, businesses, agencies and super-heroes” with a very comprehensive service, it may not be the best fit for everyone. I’m not going into a full review here, but here are the key factors in considering whether BionicWP might be the right choice for you.


While they are working to expand regional availability, the biggest reason that BionicWP might now be right for you is if your customers are mostly in a part of the world where they don’t currently have any datacentre locations, namely Oceania, Asia, South America, the Middle East and Africa. Currently, BionicWP’s Google Cloud locations are USA only and Linode are USA and Europe only.


Otherwise, though, BionicWP is an excellent fit for most businesses, especially those that have a WordPress website but don’t want to be dealing with the day to day management of that site. Unlimited small edits included as a USD $25/month add-on can make a big difference and on top of the managed updates and security, make website ownership and ongoing maintenance extremely cost-effective.

For agencies and freelancers looking to resell a hosting solution, BionicWP also reduces the ongoing work required and bundles it all into one simple service that can be white labelled.

With unlimited free site migrations included, BionicWP also takes out the hard work of moving your site, or your client sites over and making sure everything is working.

Ease of use

The biggest seller for me on BionicWP though is just how easy it is to deploy a site on the cloud and then manage it. The interface is streamlined and intuitive making everything so much easier than other web hosts. It’s great for someone that is new to WordPress or just wants to simplify their hosting in a package that will deliver excellent performance and security.

Other Similiar Web Hosts

If BionicWP sounds great but the location factor is an issue for you, I would suggest one of these web hosts instead for a wider range of locations.

  • Kinsta – Much broader range of locations on the Google Cloud. Doesn’t offer site edits.
  • Cloudways – Huge range of locations across multiple cloud providers. Doesn’t offer site edits.

One thing I will note is that while these other web hosts offer a similar cloud service and are much easier to use than deploying directly to the cloud, they are nowhere near as simple as BionicWP.

What do you think of BionicWP? Let me know in the comments!

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